Dear Ultrahair,

I have been meaning to send my compliments to you for such a long time to thank you for what you have done for me so here it is!

I had been with another hair replacement company for over six years and was dissatisfied with the quality of the service and lack of flexibility. When it was time to purchase the next program, they were then totally inflexible in accommodating my personal and financial requirements.

I had seen a late night advert about Ultrahair and followed up to compare what you had to offer. I was extremely pleased to find that after all the years, hair replacement technology had developed to greater levels than was offered to me in the past. You were actively involved in understanding the latest developments / trends and it was obvious you wanted to offer your clients the best of what was out there in your industry.

At your competitors, one of my biggest gripes was the adhesion options. If they could use alternatives, they kept it a secret. At Ultrahair, I had many choices not only of the adhesion types but also the membrane of the units. This showed me that you could come up with a solution I believed should have been made available to me.

In a nutshell, these are the reasons I changed to Ultrahair :
Numerous choices of membranes (wear and comfort options)
Many adhesive methods (I know there had to be a better way)
Flexible payment plan (not everyone can pay two payments of 50% in 6 weeks)
Cheaper than competition (cheaper and better quality)
Great staff (they’re lovely people, they do a great job, consistently)
For those who are afraid of change, you make the transition painless

I have now been with Ultrahair for approximately 2 years. The hair match was so close, even I was convinced. Now whenever I speak with some one face to face, no longer do their gazes flick to the forehead as if to question for a moment whether it is a hair piece. It’s great for your confidence and self esteem.

I did get a call recently from them enquiring why they have not seen me (two years later!). I explained I was going to Ultrahair , they told me how things had changed and how they could offer me more options. To come back an intro offer (still more expensive than Ultrahair standard prices), two part payments for the program (same as before) and the adhesion processes although they had others, they recommended the same ones as before. I quoted the above six reasons and said that even if they were to half the price, I would not change back. So basically nothing had changed they were still promoting what they had been selling 15 years ago and were stuck in their own little world while the industry “advances”, how ironical.

Please keep on doing what you are doing and keeping abreast of the times. I am sure you will not loose sight of the needs of those who you look after. To assist in the emotional and physical aspects of hair loss and replacement are just as important as the products you promote. I have no doubt you will have many more satisfied clients as I am.



Ultrahair Client.