Losing my hair affected my self-esteem. I felt that I was getting older faster and that maybe I should just let myself go and accept this as part of my life. A lot of men felt happy just to shave their heads and leave it bald but I didn’t think this would suit me as I like changing my look and felt that my head would not look good shaved. Also, having a shaved head I feel presents a very rough image which might give out a negative aura/perceptions to the people around you. Having hair gives you many options on what image you would like to have not just one. I also couldn’t see myself wearing a wig as it would make me look unnatural.

However, even though my hair kept falling out, one thing’s for sure: I never gave up finding a way to cure my hairloss and that’s when Ultrahair came into the picture.

I had seen some TV commercials on Ultrahair and I thought I would call up to find out what they could offer me. I was a bit sceptical at the start thinking that it might be a scam and they could be after my money without solving my hair-loss problems. However once I had my initial consultation, it was explained to me how hair-loss occurs and how they can treat it and bring back my hair that I had lost.

So after my consultation I started thinking about what to do. Should I keep on finding other remedies to cure my hairloss or should I just give Ultrahair a go. I finally decided to sign up with Ultrahair and started having treatments. The first few months required patience but after 3 months treatment I started to notice a big difference.

My scalp was not so noticeable like in the past and I noticed my hair getting thicker when I brushed it. If you have a small mirror in the shower like I do, you will notice the tiny hairs growing back after you shampoo. Finally after so many years of searching, I have found the solution to my hairloss. I was very fortunate that I had my treatments done before any permanent damage was caused due to hairloss. And people at work do notice the improvement and my mother does not nag me anymore about my hair.

These days, I’m not afraid to grow my hair long as my scalp is no longer so visible. And because of the treatments, I’m no longer afraid of some hair falling out because I know the new growth will replace it permanently.

Because of my hair growth, I find that my confidence has improved and it also encouraged me to improve my fitness. And I do feel I’m giving off a positive vibe to the people around me. I can sense it.

So there you have it. This is how Ultrahair has affected my life in a very positive way. I hope you will be able to help men out there who are going through the same problems I’ve had. There is a permanent solution to hairloss and I’ve found it in you.